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Combat Striking Training Doctrine

1. All striking must be geared towards ending the fight as quickly as possible.

2. Always train to strike at selective targets.

3. When striking power can be generated through five methods:
a.) Method One – Basic Striking; Using the waist, hip, shoulder, body shifting, and elbow to generate power
b.) Method Two – Two Directional Force; Striking as your opponent moves toward you.
c.) Method Three – Internal Power; Striking with internal combustive energy.
d.) Method Four – Psychological Power; The power of the mind and the will to live.
e.) Method Five – Using all striking methods simultaneously.

4. There are three elements crucial in effective striking and targeting.
a.) Timing
b.) Movement
c.) Positioning

5. No matter how good you are, in any real fight the chances of being hit are very likely. You must include training to withstand striking impact.

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