The Teacher

Chief Instructor Todd Taganashi
Martial Artist ~ Security Consultant ~ Wilderness Survival Instructor

~ 3rd Generation Wing Chun Kung Fu Expert
~ Personal Protection Specialist
~ Private Investigator

Formal Executive Security Education
~ Golden Seal Enterprises, Winchester Virginia 2009
Principles and Practical Applications of Private Investigation
~ Executive Protection Institute, Berryville Virginia 2008
Defensive Shooting, Escape and Evasion Driving, Executive Protection Training
~ Executive Security International, Aspen Colorado 1992
Defensive Shooting, Escape and Evasion Driving, Executive Protection Training

Renegade Wing Chun
Todd Taganashi and Simon Lau

My name is Todd Taganashi and I am the Chief Instructor at Renegade Wing Chun. I have been involved in the martial arts since 1979 and began teaching in 1995. I have held advanced rank in several martial art styles, but currently I only teach Wing Chun Kung Fu. I'm a full graduate of the Ip Man Lineage Wing Chun Kung Fu System. I was a private student of Sifu Hing Fai Chan. However, although I give Sifu Chan credit for teaching me the Wing Chun System, this training was only a small part of the totality that went into the development of my Kung Fu. There were many other teachers and life experiences that contributed to my development. Not to mention my own research, dedication, and commitment to training. In fact, in the years since I completed training, my Kung Fu has progressed and has become very different from the Wing Chun that I was taught by Sifu Chan.

Formerly registered with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice as a Private Investigator and a Personal Protection Specialist. Since 1992 I have attended three of this nation's top schools of Executive Protection; Executive Security International, Executive Protection Institute, and Golden SEAL Enterprises culminating in over 2200 hours of Advanced Personal Protection Training. This training included but was not limited to; Advanced Firearms Training, Escape & Evasion Driving, Electronic Security, Tactical Tracking, Surveillance, and Counter-Surveillance Operations. I'm a certified Personal Protection Specialist and Private Investigator.

Renegade Wing Chun, Todd Taganashi
                    Sam Chan and Todd Taganashi

Many people have asked me about the meaning behind the name Renegade Wing Chun. So, let me explain. Renegade Wing Chun is not the name of a new hybrid Wing Chun system. What I teach is Ip Man Lineage Wing Chun Kung Fu. However, the name Renegade Wing Chun is not just simply the name of my school and business. The name Renegade Wing Chun has everything to do with freedom and independence. Although I respect the masters who came before me, I refuse to be limited to the fighting style or teaching method of any man or organization. I reserve the right to teach and express Wing Chun as a unique extension of myself. As far as the technical aspects of Wing Chun go, although my interpretation of many traditional Wing Chun movements and concepts are quite unique, the main differences between my school and most other Wing Chun schools is in the teaching, training, and testing methods.

Wilderness Survival

I grew up in the north woods of Massachusetts. You had to know certain things about survival. Wilderness survival courses weren't very formalized back then, but as a young boy I had a mentor who taught me certain things about what to do if I got lost in the woods. He was an Italian immigrant, an “Old Timer”, and the best hunter I've ever known.

Renegade Wing Chun
Todd Taganashi teaches wilderness survival to a young student.

Years later I attended a couple "Advanced" wilderness survival schools. I quickly realized that many (not all) of these schools were looking at living in the wilderness as an ordeal, a survival situation, something that you needed to escape. Where I was taught that wilderness living is a mindset. It is a mental and physical conditioning. I was taught to be self-reliant and to be at one with the wilderness. I learned to never fear being alone in the wild. In fact I learned that it is a blessing. It seems that each year civilization is moving further and further away from the wilderness. It makes me sad.

An interesting aspect of my martial art school and something that separates RWC from many other Wing Chun schools, is that I require all of my student (before the reach black sash) to attend a three day wilderness survival course. Furthermore both Black Sash and Red Sash Level tests take place during a two day survival training exercise in a remote location in the Wisconsin wilderness.

Sifu Todd Taganashi, Renegade Wing ChunHonors and Awards:

 "Martial Art Lifetime Achievement Award"
 ~ Munich Hall of Honors, April 2015
"Outstanding Achievement in the Martial Arts"
~ Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honor Awards, January 2015
"Outstanding Master of the Martial Arts"
~ Masters of the Martial Arts Awards, March 2014

Renegade Wing Chun
The Ip Ching Wing Chun Athletic Association Master's Ring given to me by my teacher.

"Given enough time, any man may master the physical.
With enough knowledge, any man may become wise.
It is the true warrior who can master both... and surpass the result."

Todd Taganashi

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