Wing Chun Butterfly Swords: Vol. 1 Ip Man Lineage Form DVD


The Wing Chun Butterfly Sword Form is the highest level of Wing Chun. In this DVD, Master Taganashi demonstrates the entire form, and then breaks it down into eight sections. For each section, he explains the meaning and concepts behind each movement.

By reviewing the details of each application, Master Taganashi’s invaluable advice takes the guesswork out of the form, improving your sword form and your overall understanding of Wing Chun.

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Features include:
•  Interactive Menu
•  Ip Man Lineage Form
•  Section by Section Details
•  Solo Training Drills
•  Partner Training Drills
•  Combat Applications
•  BONUS Footage!

Running Times: 82 Minutes

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Review of our Wing Chun Butterfly Swords Vol. 1 DVD from Issue 53 April 2020 of Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine.

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Running Time

82 minutes