Wing Chun Long Pole: Ip Man Form & Applications DVD


The Long Pole Training is considered an in intermediate level of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Although the movements appear simple and easy to execute; the fighting concepts are highly advanced and the combat efficiency of the Wing Chun Pole is legendary.

Pulling no punches with his in-depth analysis of key movements and concepts, Master Taganashi takes the guesswork out of this often misunderstood phase of training.

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Features include:
– Interactive Menu
– Ip Man Lineage Form
– Detailed Explanations
– Solo Training Drills
– Partner Training Drills
– Combat Applications
– BONUS Footage!

Running Time 80 Minutes

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Review of our Wing Chun Long Pole DVD from Issue 54 June 2020 of Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine.

Renegade Wing Chun