Wing Chun Wooden Dummy: Vol. 1 Drills & Concepts DVD


In Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Vol. 1 Drills & Concepts, Master Taganashi teaches 6 wooden dummy drills that contain the main movements of the wooden dummy form. Although usually taught as a precursor to learning the form, these drills should be practiced continuously throughout the Wing Chun student’s lifetime in order to completely ingrain these movements into the subconscious, making them smooth and natural.

Pulling no punches with his in-depth analysis of key movements and concepts, Master Taganashi takes the guesswork out of this often misunderstood phase of training.

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Features include:
–¬†Interactive Menu
– 6 Training Drills
– Detailed Explanations
– Combat Applications
– Theories & Concepts
– Partner Demonstrations
– BONUS Footage!

Running Time: 60 Minutes

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Review of our Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Vol. One DVD from Issue 52 February 2020 of Wing Chun Illustarted Magazine.

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