Wing Chun Wooden Dummy: Vol. 2 Ip Man Lineage Form DVD


The Wooden Dummy is perhaps the most iconic symbol of the Wing Chun Kung Fu System. In this DVD, Master Taganashi demonstrates the full Ip Man Lineage Wooden Dummy Form. He then breaks the form down, section by section, and movement by movement.

Drawing from nearly 30 years of Wooden Dummy training experience, Master Taganashi goes deep into the underlying meaning and combat applications associated with the form. Pulling no punches with his in-depth analysis of key movements and concepts, Master Taganashi takes the guesswork out of this often misunderstood
phase of training.

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Features include:
– Interactive Menu
– Full Wooden Dummy Form
– Detailed Explanations
– Combat Applications
– Fighting Concepts
– Partner Demonstrations
– BONUS Footage!

Running Times: 70 Minutes

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