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Self Awareness and Ego

Renegade Wing Chun

The difference between self-awareness and an over inflated ego is defined by the character of the individual and their own internal dialog. Self-truth is easily hidden from others but not from ourselves. As warriors it is vitally important that we understand ourselves, both strengths and weaknesses. In that way we can find true confidence in who we are. This self-awareness is also vital, and a key element to self-improvement.

True self-awareness becomes self-confidence, and when projected outwardly it will become evident to all who we encounter. It could be described as a sort of an easy going happy-go-lucky feeling. The false ego is also very evident and disturbing. We have all been around those people who just don’t seem right. We feel it – we feel uncomfortable around these people. Their false truth is projected outwardly to hide their fears and inner conflict. If this false truth is not tempered, these lost individuals will slowly but surely lose touch with not only the world around them, but the world within themselves.

The tragedy of todays man is not his social condition, it is the delusion of self, and the lack of will to change himself.

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