Training & Services

Renegade Wing Chun Todd Taganashi

Train with the RENEGADE!

Thank you for your interest in Renegade Wing Chun.

This is the full list of services that I offer currently.

  1. Private Lessons at the RWC Facility; $125. Per Lesson or 6 Lessons Prepaid for $600. (All lesson are 2.0 hours long.)
  2. In House Kung Fu Lessons; $150. Per Lesson or 6 Lessons Prepaid for $800. Plus Expenses (“In House” means at your location and are limited to no more than three students.)
  3. Security Consulting ~ Threat and Risk Assessment ~ Target Hardening; $200. Per Hour Plus Expenses
  4. Wilderness Guide and Survival Training; $1000. Per Day Plus Expenses
  5. Seminars and Personal Appearances; $1000. Per Day Plus Expenses – Some Restrictions Apply

All fees must be paid up front and are non-refundable unless I must cancel for some reason. If you can’t make an appointment and need to reschedule I will be happy to accommodated you as long as I am given proper time to adjust my schedule. Proper time for rescheduling Private Lessons or Security Consultation is 24 hours. Proper time to reschedule an event such as a Wilderness Trip or Martial Art Seminar is 7 days.

For more information please contact;