Training & Services

Renegade Wing Chun, Todd Taganashi
Thank you for your interest in Renegade Wing Chun.

Please Note;

Chief Instructor Taganashi will no longer be accepting students for group classes, or teaching group classes at his private facility. From now on the facility will be reserved for private lessons, rank testing, and special events.

This is the full list of services that Taganashi offers currently.

(Prices are subject to change.)

  1. Private Lessons at the RWC Facility; $125. Per Lesson or 6 Lessons Prepaid for $600. (All lesson are 1.5 hours long.)
  2. In House Kung Fu Lessons; $150. Per Lesson or 6 Lessons Prepaid for $800. Plus Expenses (“In House” means at your location and are limited to no more than two students.)
  3. Personal Security Consulting ~ Threat and Risk Assessment; $200. Per Hour Plus Expenses
  4. Wilderness Guide and Survival Training; $1000. Per Day Plus Expenses
  5. Personal Protection Services; $1500. Per Day Plus Expenses

All fees must be paid up front and are non-refundable unless Taganashi must cancel for some reason. If you can’t make an appointment and need to reschedule we will be happy to accommodated you as long as we are given proper time to adjust our schedule. Proper time for rescheduling Private Lessons or Security Consultation is 24 hours. Proper time to reschedule an event such as a Wilderness Trip or Personal Protection Service is 7 days.

Renegade Wing Chun is private academy. All prospective students and clients will undergo an extensive background check. We reserve the right to refuse training or services without explanation.

For more information please contact us at;